Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

College Prep in the East Bay

College Prep

Students graduating from high schools across the country vary significantly in their preparedness for college, yet it is becoming harder and harder to succeed professionally without a college degree. With a college preparatory education, your child may have a head start with college life both academically and socially thanks to a more rigorous curriculum and a focus on the learning that takes place outside of the classroom. Orinda Academy is an independent college prep school in the East Bay Area offering courses for students with a wide range of backgrounds and learning differences in grades 8-12. Here's a look at what sets our college prep environment apart.

Academic Standards

To prepare for college-level coursework, students will be held to higher academic standards with a challenging curriculum including core subjects, foreign languages, and the arts. Plus, students will become better prepared for college admissions exams including the SATs and ACTs. To gain a further advantage, students might include Honors classes or AP courses, which can give them college credit before graduating high school.

Measures for Success

In order to ensure that every student gets the attention he or she deserves in the classroom, class sizes are kept small, and instructors are readily available to provide students with one on one academic coaching. Orinda Academy's instructors are dedicated to guiding each individual student toward success among a diverse population of learners with unique needs.

Education Outside the Classroom

Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom, and this is acknowledged in college admissions, because institutions of higher education look for extracurricular activities on applications. Volunteering, travel abroad, and unique afterschool learning opportunities are all integral to the student experience at Orinda Academy. Summer courses are also an option for students looking to get ahead and occupy extra time during the break.

Student Resources

Orinda Academy remains dedicated to providing students with comprehensive resources to help them achieve greater success during middle and high school. Partnering with outside tutors, specialists, and therapists, Orinda Academy allows students access to resources for their personal and emotional development. In-house counsellors can offer assistance in writing admissions essays and completing college applications, which can be incredibly beneficial for first-generation college students.

With a 32-year track record of success in preparing students for college, Orinda Academy is a small community of approximately 100 students in grades 8-12. Our staff works to maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm, creativity, and respect through higher standards in curriculum and student behavior. You can learn more about us by calling (925) 478-4504 for admissions information.