Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

If You're a Parent of a Private School Student, Check Out These Links Below!

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Find out how to get the most out of private school and college prep programs by reading the links below.

  • Are you applying for financial aid for a private school? Get tips on completing the Parent Financial Statement from School and Student Services.
  • Help your child tackle his or her homework and studying with these tips for creating a good studying environment from Education.com.
  • Find out the benefits of a private school education in this article from CAPE.
  • What classes will your child need to get into college? Take a look at these recommended college prep courses from the ACT testing organization.
  • When your child is ready to take college admissions exams, these test preparation tips from Admissions Consultants will help.

At Orinda Academy, we offer a challenging and rewarding college prep curriculum that will keep your student excited about learning and on the road to academic success. Call us at (925) 254-7553 to learn more about our East Bay private school and to schedule a visit to our campus.

Orinda Academy Announcement from the Founder and Head of the School

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We are very excited about our 2012-2013 school year. We plan to have an all school retreat soon after school begins to get the year off to a great start, get acquainted, have fun, and set some community standards to provide a smooth transition to the new school year. Additionally, we have hired some fantastic new staff for our reinvigorated middle school program, which will be unique, collaborative, and student-centered. Additionally, all middle school students will be given an Apple Ipad to work with. We have added American Sign Language to our curriculum and an after school African Drumming, Music, and Dance class. Our possibilities for our spring Educational Adventures Program include Hawaii, Scotland/Wales, Cuba, and China.  With our partner Student Organizational Services we are offering an after school Study Tools and Homework Strategies Clinic. We also have a student exchange program with a Russian high school planned  

Funding a Private Education

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At Orinda Academy, we believe all students deserve access to a quality education, and we understand that the cost of attending a private school can be prohibitive to some families. We’re proud to offer a need-based student financial aid program that puts our college prep program within the reach of all qualified students. Here is what you need to know about funding your Orinda education:

Program Rules

The financial aid program is based strictly on need. Awards for new students are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so you’re encouraged to submit your application well in advance of the deadline. Deadlines change every year, so be sure to check our website or contact us if you’re unsure when applications are due.

Application Guidelines

Orinda Academy uses the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) in Princeton, New Jersey, to vet all applications. You will need to obtain a Parent Financial Statement (PFS) form from the Orinda Academy admissions office and submit the completed form to SSS. The admissions office will also need a copy of your PFS and copies of your federal and state tax returns. Again, carefully note the application deadline. SSS and our admissions office must have all of your financial paperwork by that date for you to be considered for financial aid.

Divorced parents must each submit a separate PFS form and individual tax returns.

Award Distribution

Based on recommendations from SSS and information you provide to us, Orinda Academy will decide what kind of financial aid award you can receive. In addition to your need, the amount you receive will depend on the funds we have available for the school year and how many applications we receive. When your student is admitted to Orinda Academy, you will be notified of the financial aid offer.

Don’t let the cost of tuition stop your student from benefitting from a college prep curriculum at Orinda Academy. Our private, East Bay school is dedicated to turning out well-rounded students who are prepared to succeed in the best colleges and universities. Call us today at (925) 254-7553 to learn more about our exciting college prep academic programs and find out how we can help you fund a private school education at our institution.

Costs and Benefits of Private Schools

Are you considering sending your child to private school but wondering if the price tag is worth it? Tuition at a private school is a big ticket item, but the cost can be a worthwhile investment in your child’s future. A private school education comes with benefits you won’t find at your local public school.

In this video, discover the advantages private schools have over public education. You will hear the various reasons parents choose private schools, including increased academic rigor, small class sizes, and more structure. You will also find out why attending a private school may give your student the edge in college admission over a public school student with a similar record.

At Orinda Academy, your child will experience all of the benefits a private education has to offer. We provide a challenging college prep curriculum, and our graduates go on to succeed at some of the top schools in the country. Call Orinda today at (925) 254-7553 to learn more about our academic programs and to schedule a school visit.

How to Create a Positive Study Environment in Your Home

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College prep programs can be demanding, and time after school is filled with distractions for students. Homework and studying are critical to academic success, but the wrong environments make getting these jobs done well nearly impossible for students. Help your child overcome distractions and develop good study skills by giving him or her a supportive work space. These ideas will help you create an environment conducive to studying:

Create a Dedicated Area

Having a designated study zone in your home will make concentration easier for your child. Find an area that people don’t have to walk through often and where your child won’t be constantly interrupted by ringing phones and household activity. A good spot could be a corner of the bedroom, a desk in a home office, or even a guest room. Avoid putting him or her to work at the kitchen table or in the family room, where there are too many temptations.

If you have to make a study area in a busy room of the home, make sure other family members know that sound and interruptions need to be kept to a minimum when your child is working.

Buy a Good Desk and Chair

Lounging around on a bed or sofa is never a good idea when serious studying needs to get done. Provide a desk and comfortable chair for your child and encourage him or her to use that space whenever he or she is working. Sitting at a desk will help your child to focus on the task at hand and keep him or her more alert than he or she would be if lounging on the bed.

Provide Lighting and Supplies

Make sure your child’s study area is well lit. A desk lamp is a great way to provide extra lighting. Also make sure that the area is well stocked with everything your child will need to do his or her work, such as paper, pens, and a calculator.

At Orinda Academy, our college prep program will help your child develop the study skills he or she will need to complete his or her work—both in and out of school. Our private, East Bay school is dedicated to your child’s academic success. Call us at (925) 254-7553 to schedule a visit to our East Bay campus and to learn more about our college prep curriculum.

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