Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your College Visits

Attending a college prep school is a great way to help you prepare for college. You still need to schedule some campus visits, though, to get a better sense of how a potential college can truly benefit you once you attend.

As you will discover in this video, college visits are great, but they may not always be as informative as you might think. You can go through an entire campus visit and still not learn about the school’s academic offerings. To supplement your visit, sit in on a class or two. You can see how some professors promote certain learning styles in their curriculum. This will help you make an informed decision after graduating from prep school.

Orinda Academy is a private school in Orinda, CA that seeks to prepare all of our students for a successful college experience. Please call us at (925) 478-4504 to speak with our admissions counselors.

Choosing Between Two Colleges

When choosing between your two favorite colleges, making a pros and cons list will be a tremendous help. Also, get as much information as you can from your prep school counselor. As you can see from the video, there are a few other ways to help make your decision a little easier.

Visit the two colleges. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to see student life, and think about how you may fit in. Look at the curriculum for your desired major; see how the social clubs and societies vary, and investigate the statistics of graduation and job placement for each school. In the end, go with your gut and which college you think will be best for you.

Call Orinda Academy to learn how our private school can help you decide on colleges. Our college counselors near Orinda, CA are available at (925) 478-4504.

Strategies for Boosting Students' Confidence in the Classroom

No matter how confident your child may be in his college prep school, there are many ways you can help him remain sure in his academic knowledge. Everyone needs a confidence-booster once in a while, so here are some easy ways you can inspire confidence in your child.

Encourage Discussions

Discussing a problem, a solution, or something new is a great way to build confidence in your student. After he has learned something in a class, he may feel overwhelmed or unsure of how this new piece of information will apply in life. Engaging in a discussion will help calm him down and show how useful learning that new subject or concept can be.

Build Creativity

Finding creative solutions to problems or studying is a great way to build confidence in students. Most people learn information easier when it is presented alongside a song, colors, or music. If your child is struggling to remember a math equation, help him apply a simple tune or rhyme to it. If he has difficulty keeping historical facts in order, talk about different hints or tricks he might use to associate with a specific date. There are several ways to inspire greater confidence in the classroom as long as you and your student can think outside of the box.

Set Goals

Every day is filled with goals, so help your student set attainable goals that will boost his confidence. He can read an extra page of required reading every night to get ahead. Practice his music lessons for five minutes longer, or choose an extra math problem to do in addition to his homework. There are countless, simple goals your student can achieve that will boost his confidence and help him perform better in high school.

Build your student’s confidence with the smaller class sizes at Orinda Academy. We have dedicated teachers at our prep school who strive to give every student a comprehensive education in Orinda, CA. We serve grades 8 through 12, so please call us about enrolling your child for the new school year. We are available at (925) 478-4504.

A Look at Our Beyond the Classroom Experiences

To give your child a comprehensive and immersive education during college prep school, check out Orinda Academy’s many experiences outside of the classroom. During one week in the spring semester, your student can experience anything from traveling abroad, volunteering with younger children, or engaging in a new elective.

Educational Adventures Week is a time where Orinda students can experience a new world. The course curriculum changes every year, but they are always varied and filled with international and regional trips or daily adventures around town. Your student will have her pick of Educational Adventures toward the beginning of the year. After she has listed her top three choices, the assignments are announced in December. By April, your student may be experiencing student life in Costa Rica or Japan; or she might opt for an assignment closer to home where she can find the beauty and history in her own community.

Your student will be more than satisfied during Educational Adventures week at Orinda Academy. Our private school believes in providing the best experiences we can for our students. Call (925) 478-4504 to learn more about our many learning styles near Orinda, CA.

Helping Your High School Student Build a Strong College Application

Enrolling your child in a private school is a great step toward creating a strong college application. Here are some other ways you can help your child further her chances at impressing the admissions counselors.

Diversifying Education

Helping your high schooler study and do well in her classes is extremely important for college admissions. With this in mind, help your child to broaden her academic courses and desires. If she sticks to the easiest classes and makes straight A’s, she may not stand out to the admissions advisers. A student who took Advanced Placement, Honors, and extracurricular classes, even if she received a B, is going to stand out. Students who push themselves to learn and be greater than they can be will have stronger applications than the student who did not venture outside of her comfort zone.

Pursuing Passion

When your child expresses a sincere desire in extracurricular activity—art, music, sports—encourage her to pursue it wholeheartedly. College admissions counselors want to see her acting out her passions in any way she can. If she desires music, acting, or painting, then encourage her to get involved in a local band, improv company, or community beautifying project. If she enjoys playing chess or gymnastics, then help her start an afterschool club where fellow students can join the fun. Fan the flame of her extracurricular passion, and colleges will notice.

Writing Well

In today’s world of technology, certain academic skills are going by the wayside, much to the detriment of today’s youth. Typing, writing, calculating, and many more daily skills are being replaced by text messages, spell check, and smartphone apps. Help your student write her college admissions essay with impeccable writing skills and playing close attention to the prompts.

The faculty at Orinda Academy believe in working with our students and parents to provide the best private school education and student life in Orinda, CA. We want our students to succeed, and we can only do that with your help. Call us at (925) 478-4504 to schedule a campus visit.

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