Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

Parent Group Meeting

Dear Orinda Academy Parents,

At the last parent group meeting we had an excellent presentation from Beth Samuelson, the director of Student Organizational Services. Beth informed us about the teenage brain, it's development, abilities, and limitations. It is useful information for teens, parents, and educators. We also learned how best to work with teens with these qualities in mind, and how this impacts learning differences.

Below are excerpts from the materials that Beth provided that gives a brief explanation about the teenage brain, 10 myths about teens and academic performance, and practical suggestions, or do's and don'ts, on how to parent for academic success. I highly recommend you read this and hope that you can utilize these suggestions.

Ron Graydon
Head of School
Orinda Academy

10 Myths About Teens and Academic Performance Do's and Don'ts The Teenage Brain

Orinda Academy Believes the Arts are an Intregral Part of Education - and the Mayor of San Francisco Agrees

Are you a defender of the arts? If so, you’ll want to hear what Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco, has to say about the importance of arts in school. Watch this video clip for more.

With rapidly evolving technology as an integral part of the classroom, it is more important than ever to offer arts and creativity in the classroom. Ideas are born and challenges are overcome through the use of creativity and imagination, and the arts are a large part of inspiring these qualities in children.

Give your child the best academic edge in the Bay Area—enroll him or her at Orinda Academy, where we offer small class sizes and a state-of-the-art curriculum to give your child the utmost in learning. Find out more—give us a call at (925) 254-7553.

Join Orinda Academy's eScrip Program!


Orinda Academy's "eScrip Program" is looking for new members and you can easily enroll by following the directions on the link below:


"eScrip" is an important fundraiser for Orinda Academy. When you are an eScrip member and shop at Safeway, 10% of the money you spend is returned to the school. When you sign up, please be sure to include "Orinda Academy" as your school. Also, if you include your credit card number, many restaurants and clothing stores are also participants in the eScrip program.

Last year, Orinda Academy received $3000 from eScrip and we would like to increase that amount.

We need everyone to participate - parents, friends,  neighbors relatives, alumni.  Please join eScrip!!!

The Role of Technology in Today's Schools


When many parents think of teenagers and technology, the image of a teen buried in his or her smartphone or gaming device often comes to mind. However, at quality private schools today, technology is a way to open minds and show students the wider world and distant cultures as well as what the future may hold. A quality high school such as Orinda Academy should offer:

  • State-of-the-art technology. No school should be without current computing technology, and a top-quality school should provide top-quality equipment. Desktop computers and laptops should be available as well as the necessary accessories, including printers and scanners. Technical support should also be available in a timely manner to students who need it, and an online writing lab should be available, as well. In addition, a great school should offer quality software and classes to teach students how to use it.
  • Instructors willing to stay current with evolving technology. Instructors should hold at least basic knowledge of the technology offered in the classroom. The instructors are not there as tech support, but they should be able to provide academic guidance on how to do research online, for example.
  • Guidelines and procedures to prevent abuse. While unpleasant, abuse does happen. Safeguards should be in place to prevent students from accessing inappropriate websites, and workshops and campaigns should educate students on the harmful effects and consequences of cyber bullying as well as provide a place for students to express their concerns safely. This may not prevent every occurrence of technological misuse, but it will certainly help curb it and keep the students’ attention where it should be: on their academics.

For the best college preparatory high school in the Bay Area, call Orinda Academy at (925) 254-7553. We offer a wide range of programs and classes to help your child be the best he or she can be. Contact us today!

Review of the Play "Modern Wooly Mammoths" by Kathy McCarty, Orinda Academy's Drama Teacher!

Masks with the theatre concept

Onstage Theater Director Helen Means has once again gathered a selection of engaging one-act plays and/or monologues for her annual production of “Off the Shelf and Onstage, An Evening of One-Acts.”

Out of the six diverse short stories, there are four that I would classify as very good to excellent. The most engaging for me were the one-acts titled “Modern Wooly Mammoths” and the monologue simply titled “Fishing.”

“Modern Wooly Mammoths” engages the audience in the complexity of family emotions. A young girl named Teenie (Kailee Sanderson) has to relocate from her grandfather Paps residence, to live with her father, Matt (Alex Tucker). She's definitely against this move and has a strong desire to stay with Paps. Paps is played eloquently and expertly by Will Southard. In addition, Sanderson gives a simple but powerful, resonating performance, with little spoken language, but long on emotional facial and body language. This play is a poignant and heartwarming experience.

“Off the Shelf and Onstage, An Evening of One Acts” is certainly entertaining with its delightful, diverse stories and excellent acting. To enjoy this fun-filled and engaging evening of theater, call (925) 943-7469 (SHOW)

September 14 through October 5

  • Fridays & Saturdays at 8:15 PM
  • Thursday, October 4  7:45 curtain
  • Sunday, September 23  2:15 PM

Tickets: $17-$22

  • Thursday Show Special $12

Box Office:  (925) 943-SHOW

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