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A Great Private School Understands There are Different Learning Styles

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No one knows your child quite the way you do as a parent. You’ve seen her grow up into an intelligent, interesting person, and her education is very important to you. You know that your child is unique and different, and you may know that she learns best in a way that is different from other kids. Her learning style does not have to be a source of frustration or disappointment, as it is simply part of what makes her unique. A great private high school understands different learning styles and will be able to accommodate the needs of students for maximum academic success. Here is a brief look at a few common learning styles.

Visual As the name suggests, visual learners do best when they are shown information, rather than told. Visual aids like graphs, charts, and films often help visual learners understand the material that is being presented. Many visual learners also benefit from taking notes while watching and listening to a lecture. Reading and writing tend to help visual learners, and they can pay more attention if there is a visual component to the lesson. This type of learner can often remember something they see written down even if they only see it once.

Auditory Auditory learners are most adept at learning through listening. Lectures and speeches engage them more than reading or writing, and they can benefit from being told what they’re going to learn before the lesson actually starts. Students who prefer auditory learning should be involved in discussions and asked questions in order to actively engage them in the learning process. An excellent college preparatory school understands the differences between learning styles and uses a combination of techniques so that all students have the chance to succeed.

Kinesthetic Kinesthetic learners have the most success when there is touch and movement involved in learning. These students may benefit from note taking and using highlighters while reading so that their hands are active during the learning process. External movement is very important for kinesthetic learners to stay engaged.

At Orinda Academy, we pride ourselves on offering a quality education to learners of all different styles. Our small class sizes allow for individual attention so that all students have the same opportunities for academic success. Please call us at (925) 254-7553 to find out how we can help your child succeed.

The Educational Advantages of Private Schools: Resources


Enrolling your child in an academically challenging private high school can have many benefits for his or her future. To learn more about what sets Orinda Academy apart, explore the following links.

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  • Orinda Academy offers small class sizes so that all students are able to receive individual attention. Read more about why small class size matters.
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Be sure to call Orinda Academy at (925) 254-7553 to find out about our admissions process and our college preparatory programs.

Benefits of Private Schools Over Public Schools

The choice of whether to send your child to public or private school can be a difficult one to make. You want what is best for your child’s future, of course, so it is important to consider what the advantages of private schools are. Watch this short video to learn a bit more about this topic.

Private schools offer a few distinct advantages over public schools, including a smaller enrollment and smaller class sizes. This allows for more personalized attention for each student. Many teachers at private schools have more qualifications and can create customized programs for your child. Private schools are not just for the economically privileged, as there are often financial aid programs available. A great college preparatory school can offer your child amazing opportunities.

Orinda Academy in California’s East Bay offers your child the opportunity for a well-rounded private school education. Call us at (925) 254-7553 to find out more about what sets our school apart.

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