Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

How Students Stay Active in Our PE Classes

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Orinda Academy firmly believes in the value of enrichment opportunities for our students, including a well-rounded physical education curriculum. Students at our college prep school stay busy throughout the school year by taking advantage of our spacious playing field and outdoor basketball court. Our weight and fitness room is fully equipped and is carefully maintained with an eye toward student safety. Our prep school even boasts a dance and yoga studio!

Our regularly scheduled PE programs include instruction in dance, volleyball, and badminton. Our students enjoy soccer, weight training, and yoga classes, and they may choose to participate in team sports. Some of our students choose to enroll in sports classes or teams outside of school. They are often eligible to earn PE credits in this manner.

To learn more about our approach to education in Orinda, contact Orinda Academy at (925) 478-4504. We’re confident that you and your child will find student life on our campus to be fun and engaging.

Executive Functioning Strategies for Students

If you’re like many college prep school students, you’re likely looking for ways to improve your academic performance and help ensure your success when you transition to higher education. You might benefit from learning about executive functioning skills and how to develop them. Executive functions are cognitive processes that help you connect a past experience with a present situation. These mental processes help you strategize, organize, plan, manage time, and remember details. Take a look at this infographic from Orinda Academy to learn some executive functioning strategies that can help you succeed in your academic pursuits.

Private School Orinda

Highlighting the Benefits of Arts-Based Electives

Private School Orinda

Arts-based electives are a crucial cornerstone of a well-rounded prep school curriculum. Visual and performing arts encourage personal growth and emotional health. Arts-based curricula have even been shown to support student achievement in academic subjects. Unfortunately, public schools are often forced to reduce or eliminate their art programs due to budget cuts. When you enroll your child in a private prep school, he or she will have access to a full selection of well-designed arts-based electives. Orinda Academy offers a variety of Visual and Performing Arts classes. Some of these include Art, Studio Art, Yearbook, Drama, Stage Band, Vocals, and Dance. Our Stage Band collaborates with the faculty band, providing an opportunity to grow as a school community and learn musical techniques and songs from each other.

Academic Achievement
Most educators would agree that college admissions officers tend to emphasize the importance of achievement in the core subject areas, including mathematics, science, and English. Yet, this should not diminish the importance of art programs. In fact, research indicates that students who participate in art classes demonstrate greater achievements in core subject areas and score higher on standardized tests. Art programs facilitate the development of critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative cognition. Arts-based electives are particularly important for children with learning differences, as they help students explore the world in a way that is meaningful to them.

Emotional Wellness
While working through a rigorous college prep curriculum, it’s not unusual for high school students to experience stress that they have difficulty coping with. Arts-based electives provide a welcome respite from worrying about test scores and memorizing critical facts. In an art studio, students can relax a little and enjoy the process of creating their masterpieces. Focusing on the process, rather than the result, is a healthy form of mindfulness.

Personal Growth
The high school years are a time of considerable change for children. Art programs allow students to connect with and develop their self-identities, and to express their innermost thoughts and struggles. Art stimulates self-awareness and self-confidence.

Here at Orinda Academy, a college prep school in Orinda, we are pleased to offer a wealth of enrichment activities and arts-based electives to our student body. We are firmly committed to implementing a comprehensive curriculum that is adaptable to all learning styles and that encourages student creativity. Give your child the gift of a prep school education and call us today at (925) 478-4504.

Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?

Teens often keep irregular schedules. They may wake up early to get to their prep school during the week, yet stay up late and sleep in on weekends. Unfortunately, the lack of a regular sleep schedule and not getting enough sleep overall can be detrimental to teens’ academic success. Sleep deprivation causes poor memory retention, concentration problems, and difficulty learning new things.

When you watch this informative video, you’ll learn that teens need about 9.5 hours of sleep each night, yet the majority of teens fail to get even 8.5 hours. This video offers some tips to help your teen improve his or her sleep habits.

Orinda Academy is a private high school near Orinda that offers students a nurturing, supportive learning community that fosters academic success. Parents can get in touch with our prep school staff at (925) 478-4504.

What Parents Need to Know About the ECHO Initiative

Private School Orinda

Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that offers education for grades 8 through 12. The school is dedicated to its expected schoolwide learning results (ESLRs) and has created the ECHO Initiative to integrate the ESLRs into each curricular area. Continue reading to learn more about this program.

The Goal of the ECHO Initiative
Orinda Academy helps its students cultivate a socially responsible and intellectually inquisitive educational foundation that is designed to stay with them throughout their lives. This is accomplished by incorporating our ELSRs into every learning area with the help of the ECHO Initiative. ECHO stands for effective communicators, critical thinkers, healthy, active members of the community, and organized individuals.

A Look at Orinda Academy’s ESLRs
Our expected schoolwide learning results cover a broad range of skillsets. For example, speaking, listening, writing, reading, and using technology make up our language and communication ESLR area. Inductive reasoning, analyzing, empathizing and identifying themes are just a few examples of the critical thinking skills that our students are taught, and personal ethical values, understanding diversity, and organizational abilities are some of the personal skills that we teach. As part of our ESLRs for process skills, students learn graphing, measuring, calculating, and classifying.

The ECHO Initiative Supports Our ESLRs
In our history department, the ECHO Initiative is implemented by creating a strong foundation of geopolitical patterns and important events to provide students with a better ability to serve their future. Orinda Academy’s foreign language department emphasizes the ECHO Initiative by cultivating expressive, articulate, and composed listeners and speakers of multiple languages, and by helping them become compassionate and enlightened citizens through education in global stewardship and cultural awareness. Similarly, the ECHO Initiative is reinforced accordingly in the mathematics, fine art, English, performing arts, and physical education departments to help ensure the lifelong success of our students.

Orinda Academy offers high school college prep in Orinda. If you have questions about our private school and its ECHO Initiative, then please give us a call today at (925) 478-4504.

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