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How Is College Different from High School?

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Although most people think of academics when they think of a college prep curriculum, preparing students for college in other ways is also critical to their success. One thing that college counselors can do for high school students is to help them understand exactly how college is different from the school they are at now. Entering college armed with this knowledge about what to expect can ease the inevitable culture shock that happens for college freshmen and let them focus on their new classes instead. What exactly makes college different from high school? Here are some of the big changes students can expect.

You have to manage your own schedule.
Although academics, extracurricular activities, and social events in high school require students to juggle their schedules, there are always teachers and parents making sure everyone stays on track. In college, you are in charge of managing your own schedule. Your professors will give you an assignment and then expect you to have it ready on the due date, without prodding and reminders. No one will be making sure you are doing your homework and keeping up with your classes in between all of your other activities. You are expected to manage your schedule appropriately without help.

You are expected to apply your knowledge.
In college, you won’t just recite information you’ve memorized to your professor. You will be expected to know the class material well enough to discuss it and examine it from different angles. You may also have to apply material you have learned to different topics and problems. Doing readings and taking notes in class is just the surface of what you are expected to do. The real learning comes from applying that material.

You have to ask for help.
In high school, teachers often offer help and repeatedly check in with students to make sure they don’t need assistance. In college, if you need help with material, you need to go to your professor and ask for it.

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