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    What Skills Will Your Child Learn at Orinda Academy?

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    Orinda Academy is a co-ed independent school that offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum designed to help each student achieve his or her full potential. Unlike many schools, our private school fosters personal growth and empowerment in students, in addition to academic excellence and the critical thinking skills children need to succeed in institutes of higher learning.

    Academic Skills

    With extensive student support and an individualized approach to learning, students at our private school excel in academic subject areas. Students demonstrate strong language and communication skills, which they will exercise in classroom debates, oral presentations, and note taking. Our educators help students learn how to develop strong writing skills across multiple departments. As your child progresses through our curriculum, he or she will enjoy assembling and presenting a personal portfolio of work. In addition, your child will demonstrate key process skills such as the interpretation of mathematical data, the ability to form a hypothesis, and the ability to effectively use library resources. Other academic skill areas include science, social science, and foreign language.

    Critical Thinking Skills

    Critical thinking skills are an integral component of the curriculum at our private college prep school. Students will learn to discern the difference between fact and fiction, and figurative and literal language. Your child will explore inductive and deductive reasoning, multicultural awareness, and thematic concepts.

    Personal Skills

    Our private school prides itself on maintaining a diverse student body, including students with learning differences. Our students actively work toward greater self-esteem and other areas of personal growth, including physical well-being, responsibility, and ethical values. They learn to set goals and make appropriate choices, and they learn to become responsible and active participants in their community.

    Orinda Academy welcomes students in grades eight through 12. At our private college prep school, your child will enjoy a challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment that supports his or her unique learning style. Parents in the East Bay area are invited to call our private school at (925) 357-9719 for more information.

    A Guide to Creating a Productive Study Space for Your Child

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Every parent wants to see their child succeed in school and beyond. Creating a productive study space can help. High schoolers can benefit from having their own designated area in the home to study and complete homework assignments. Not every study space is suitable for each child; however, high schoolers have their own individual learning styles. Work with your student to determine how he or she works most effectively and tailor the space to those needs.

    Designate an Ideal Space

    The ideal space for your child depends on the type of learner he or she is. Some students need a completely distraction-free zone in which to concentrate. If this describes your child, then perhaps the ideal study space is in his or her room. Other children work best when an adult is nearby. In these cases, perhaps the family room would be ideal; however, it’s best to keep the television and other electronic gadgets turned off during homework time. If your child does concentrate better with a little noise, consider investing in some meditation music to play during study time.

    Select the Right Supplies

    Now that you’ve designated an ideal space, it’s time to set it up with the proper equipment and supplies. Your child may prefer to work at a desk that has plenty of space for spreading out projects and books. Some children may prefer a standing desk; however, while others prefer to work on the couch or floor with a lap desk. Make sure the study space has adequate lighting and is well stocked with paper, pencils, and any other items your child may need.

    Provide Organizational Tools

    Help your student stay organized with tools such as a large wall calendar or a whiteboard to keep track of assignments. Provide desk organizer tools such as a pencil cup and file folders for organizing work for separate subjects.

    Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that maintains close collaboration among teachers, students, parents, and outside specialists. The educators at our college prep school tailor instruction to suit each student’s learning style. If you have any questions about our curriculum or student life at our high school, call our campus in East Bay at (925) 357-9719.

    Enhance Your Education With This App!

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Technology is making education more accessible than ever before. Now, you can have a selection of complete courses from postsecondary education institutes right at your fingertips when you download the iTunes U app! These free classes are taught by leading instructors from top universities. The app includes a wealth of education content, including more than 750,000 free lectures and similar resources.

    You can use this handy app to supplement your current curriculum at your prep school. Choose from subjects in mathematics, science, and much more. The app also features capabilities such as assignment tracking, note taking, and text highlighting.

    Students at Orinda Academy, a private college prep school, can benefit from our highly qualified educators and ideal student-to-teacher ratio. Call our East Bay campus at (925) 357-9719 and ask us how we can help your child succeed.

    What Is Academic Coaching?

    Last updated 29 days ago

    Academic coaching is one-on-one student support that recognizes that each student has unique needs and a unique learning style. The educators of Orinda Academy are devoted to helping each student reach his or her academic goals with an optimum learning environment and tailored instruction to suit individual learning styles. If a student at our prep school desires additional support, he or she may elect to pursue one-on-one instruction. Our prep school maintains partnerships with two organizations that facilitate this support.

    Student Organizational Services provides for-fee academic coaching on-site at our prep school. Your student can work with an experienced instructor to learn strategies for success and organizational skills. At Orinda Academy, we recognize that a comprehensive, integrated approach lends itself to well-rounded students. To that end, we have also partnered with Coyote Coast Youth and Family Counseling to nourish the emotional and social needs of our students.

    If you would like to learn more about the academic coaching services available at Orinda Academy, call our campus in East Bay at (925) 357-9719. We are a co-ed, college preparatory school that accepts students in grades six through 12.

    A Look at the History of Orinda Academy

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Families in the East Bay area who are looking for a high-quality education for their child are encouraged to consider Orinda Academy. For more than 30 years, we have been providing exceptional educational enrichment for students that adapts to their individual learning styles. Many families have chosen our private college prep school because the ideal student-teacher ratio enables individualized attention, helping students reach their full potential. Over the years, our private prep school has enjoyed significant growth, which has helped us better serve our diverse student body.

    Early Beginnings

    Our school was founded in 1980 by Ron Graydon. Originally, we had 24 students and our school was called North Bay Secondary School Incorporated. It was originally located in Point Richmond. Our founder opened the school with the vision of establishing a haven of education, in which students could enjoy a challenging and enriching curriculum in a positive learning environment. Just two years later, we opened a second campus in Orinda, known as the North Bay Orinda School.

    Expansion Initiatives

    Since its founding, Orinda Academy has continued to grow significantly. In 1991, we began to accept international students and we started our ESL program. As our enrollment continued to climb, we offered additional courses, including more college prep classes and enriching electives. Our upward enrollment trend led to us opening our doors in our current location in 1994. That location was chosen for its spacious classrooms, sports fields, labs, and transportation convenience. As we expanded physically, we also increased the diversity of our student body with scholarship offerings. In 2003, we officially changed our college prep school’s name to Orinda Academy.

    Continued Growth

    To this day, Orinda Academy continues to expand physically and academically. We added new buildings for the arts and physical education in 2004, and we launched our Educational Adventures program in 2007. Just two years ago, we built our new middle school building and added a sixth grade class.

    You can read more about the history of Orinda Academy and our mission on our website. We also encourage prospective families in the East Bay area to learn more about our rigorous college prep curriculum by calling (925) 357-9719. Our faculty looks forward to meeting your child, and helping him or her achieve academic and personal success.

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