Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

How to Motivate Your High School Student

Even when your child shows a natural aptitude for academics, she may display a lackluster attitude toward her curriculum. While the instructors and college counselors at your teen’s private high school near Orinda play an integral role in motivating your student, so do you. With the following tips, you can help your teenager overcome the lethargy that may sometimes impede her academic success.

Foster Personal Interests

Academic achievement in basic courses can impact the admission success rates of students. However, when a student performs well in her electives and declares a major closely related to those classes, the emphasis on other courses might not be as great. So if your student is not inspired by her core curriculum, encourage her to explore other classes. Arts-based electives in particular can stimulate the minds of prep school students and even have a positive effect on their performance in other classes.

Suggest Admission Events

Perhaps your student is unaware of how much she has to look forward to in college. If your teen has yet to explore her college options, find local admission events that she can attend. Admissions counselors can often get prospective students excited about not only their respective institutions but also college in general. Once your student realizes what lies ahead in her academic future, she might be more motivated to do well in prep school.

Value Efforts Over Outcomes

It can be very easy to get discouraged by a poor performance on a test. When an entire course proves difficult, motivation may be even harder to come by. Students cannot always predict the outcome of their quizzes and tests, but they can control how hard they work to get their grades. So help your student get motivated by valuing her effort rather than the product of it. When she realizes the inherent worth of doing her best, she may come to enjoy her classes more, which may eventually influence the grades she receives in them.

At Orinda Academy, students can find both academic success and personal fulfillment. Our instructors and college counselors work together to ensure that every student has the resources and encouragement her needs to excel inside and outside the classroom. To speak with one of our representatives about our private high school, call (925) 357-9719.

Orinda Academy Open House - April 22, 2015

Join us Wednesday, April 22nd, from 7 to 9 p.m. to find out why Orinda Academy is one of the finest independent schools in the Bay Area! Our Open House will include tours, an informational meeting and a chance to hear from parents, teachers and students.

Find out more on our website or by giving us a call at (925) 254-7553.

Spotlight on Orinda Academy Electives

Math, science, English, and social studies are often considered the foundation of a competitive education, which is why Orinda Academy provides exceptional learning opportunities in each of these subjects. However, our college prep school in Orinda encourages the academic success of our students through elective courses as well. Our curriculum offers a variety of classes to suit the individual interests of our students. Students with musical aspirations can take guitar, stage band, or digital music production. Students are likewise encouraged to sign up for our drama, dance, cooking and art classes. So no matter the academic or artistic pursuits of our students, Orinda Academy makes it possible for them to find an outlet for their interests.

Would you like to learn more about the elective courses at Orinda Academy? Call (925) 357-9719 today to speak with one of our friendly associates. You can also go to our website for information on our complete curriculum offerings.

A College Prep Timeline for High School Students

From final exams to social engagements, a high school student’s life can be hectic and filled with daily, weekly, and monthly commitments. If you are a high school student or the proud parent of one, then it’s so important that between all of these commitments, you find time to consider plans for future academic success in college. To get you started, here is a college prep timeline for high school students.

Start Budgeting Early On

Many college prep school students think that the majority of college planning happens towards the end of high school; however, many decisions can be made early on. During freshman year, begin preparing for college by establishing a budget and placing all savings in a college fund over the next four years.

Build Up Your Student Resume

In addition to getting good grades at your prep school, it is essential that you participate in extracurricular activities like sports and volunteering in order to appear more attractive to colleges. Make the most of your freshman, sophomore, and junior year summers by becoming engaged in your local community.

Sign Up for and Take Appropriate Exams

During your 11 th and 12 th years as a prep school student, you should sign up for and take appropriate college entrance exams such as the SAT and the ACT. College counselors and your college preparatory school can assist you in selecting the right test for each school you are thinking of applying to.

Meet Counselors and Prepare Applications

Schedule frequent meetings with college counselors during your third and fourth years in order to establish a plan for applying. Once you settle on a list of schools, he or she can see to it that you put together all of the paperwork necessary before sending in the applications before each given deadline.

Here at Orinda Academy, each of our prep school students has access to services that will assist them with every step of the college application process. Our advisors and college counselors have helped past graduates continue their educations at the schools of their choosing for over three decades. Call (925) 478-4504 to learn more about our prep school.

Orinda City Council Meeting April 7th

As you may know from previous emails, the City of Orinda is considering putting high density low income housing on the sports field that we use behind the school. This is the Santa Maria Church field. We have used this field for twenty one years for baseball, softball, frisbee, kickball, and many school activities. This field is also used by Orinda baseball teams and summer camps. Together we have developed and maintained this field. Consequently, the field down the street is not always available to us.

The Orinda City Council will be meeting on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:00 PM in the Orinda Library Theater to finally vote on which site to use for this development. There are several alternative sites. The best option is to use the Rite Aid site on Orinda Way. It is already developed, is close to shopping and BART, and is easily accessible. The Santa Maria field is currently heavily used for recreation, has poor limited access, and is surrounded by businesses, our school, a pre school, the church, and a convalescent home that would be negatively impacted. Roads and development would eliminate oak woodland and wildlife habitat.

Please support Orinda Academy and help protect this sports field by attending this meeting and/or writing letters and emails to the city council in favor of the Rite Aid site, and in opposition to the use of the Santa Maria site. Thanks in advance for your help.

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