Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

How to Get Motivated for Summer School

Summer school at Orinda Academy provides an excellent opportunity to make up classes, reinforce academic skills and continuity, prepare for high school and college requirements, and become involved in enriching curriculum and activities.

In summer school students can make up classes for better grades. This can be done with a focused and intensive study of one class where a student can often get more personal attention in a smaller class. In addition, most colleges will count only the higher grade when a course is repeated, and the student’s GPA is improved. Consequently, not only do students earn a higher grade, but they also improve important skills that can serve as prerequisites for higher-level courses, and improve skills for SAT tests and college. Students benefit especially from taking math classes in the summer because they require a substantial amount of individual help. We will offer algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 this summer. Students with learning style differences or low basic skill levels often can boost those skills and maintain continuity by taking summer school at OA.

Summer school keeps your mind sharp and focused over the summer months. To keep yourself motivated, it’s important to remember that you are studying over the summer to achieve better academics and be prepared for college, where you will pursue an education and a career in something you are passionate about or enjoy.

One of the best ways to stay on-task during your summer prep school studies is to get organized. Schedule your study time and decide how much work you will finish before meeting up with friends or watching TV. Also, try posting inspirational words or pictures around your desk or on your desktop background to remind you why you want to do well in school.

Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that provides a unique and comfortable learning environment for students who are bright and creative but may learn differently than other others. To help your student achieve academic success, call us today at (925) 478-4504.

Exploring the Technology Curriculum at Orinda Academy

College Prep School Orinda

Orinda Academy offers a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students in the San Francisco East Bay area. We firmly believe in fostering academic success for our students by nurturing their academic ambitions, and by offering a challenging and relevant curriculum. Because we are living in the digital age, our prep school fully supports the use of technology in the classroom to assist students in meeting their goals for academic progress.

Our private college prep school features wireless Internet access throughout our entire campus, which gives our student body the opportunity to interact with their teachers beyond the classroom. This, plus our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, facilitates students’ collaborative efforts with other students and allows students to showcase their work to their peers.

Our emphasis on promoting the academic success of students in Orinda through one-on-one student support and seamlessly integrated technology are some of the features that set Orinda Academy apart. Parents are invited to direct questions about our curriculum to (925) 478-4504.

The Role of Electives in a Robust Education

Private School Orinda

Every student needs to take certain core classes in a private college prep school. Mathematics, language arts, and the sciences are essential for a well-rounded education. However, schools across the country have recently been focusing more on elective courses, ranging from traditional arts-based electives to unconventional and specialized interests. This trend comes as parents and teachers alike have become increasingly aware of the critical importance of electives in children’s overall development and personal growth.

Helping Students Discover Their Passions
A robust education is one that does not rely solely on rote memorization, but rather encourages students to pursue their passions and develop a lifelong love of the process of learning. Adolescents lack the life experience of adults. They cannot be expected to know where their passions lie if they haven’t had a chance to explore a broad range of experiences. Elective courses give students these critical opportunities. Of course, not every student who chooses drama as an elective will turn the stage into a career. But each student who enjoys elective courses does have the opportunity to expand his or her own self-identity.

Developing Skills That Last a Lifetime
Elective courses teach invaluable skills to students that they can use throughout their lifetime. Students working on a stage production, for example, learn how to work as part of a team. They can also gain leadership skills and practice the art of peaceful conflict resolution. Elective courses teach students how to manage their time wisely, set goals and develop goal-reaching strategies, and to organize their work. These are all important skills that carry over into the core academic classes.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Excelling in core curricular areas will help high school students gain admittance to top institutes of higher learning. But since college admissions committees receive so many applications, it’s essential for a student to stand out from the crowd. Elective courses offer students the chance to show college admissions committees who they truly are and where their passions lie.

Orinda Academy is pleased to offer exceptional electives to our valued students. Our elective courses in Orinda include selections that are highly relevant to today’s modern life, such as digital music production, visual arts, and drama. There’s still time to submit a rolling admissions application for the upcoming school year. Call our prep school at (925) 478-4504 today.

Tips for Avoiding the Wrong College

College Prep School Orinda

The private high school experience fosters students’ personal growth while it prepares them to enter into institutes of higher learning. As students enter into the junior year, they can expect to field frequent questions about their plans after graduation. For many students, the thought of choosing the wrong college is just as intimidating as the question of how they should pick the right college.

College Search Timing
One common mistake of prep school students is to delay the college search process until the senior year. Similarly, some students have their heart set on a particular college and consequently avoid looking at other schools. Even if you think you know where you might attend college, it’s never too early to begin exploring your other choices. Choosing the right school for you requires intensive research and careful consideration. Remember that at this stage in the college search process, you should have about a handful of colleges that you’re thinking of applying to. After you receive acceptance letters, you can narrow down your choice.

Independent Decision Making
You should consider many factors when choosing a school or eliminating schools from your short list. But there are also a few factors you should ignore. It’s unwise to choose a college simply because your best friend intends on going there; what’s best for your friend is not necessarily best for you. Similarly, your parents are likely to offer you some advice on your selections. You should certainly listen to their advice, but in the end, your decision should be your own.

College Reputation
Colleges tend to acquire certain reputations. Many colleges are infamously known as “party schools,” while others might have a reputation for being highly selective with their admissions processes. In the end, college is really what you make of it. Visit college campuses and talk to current students before making your own decision about whether you belong there.

At Orinda Academy, you’ll find challenging academics and a supportive, dynamic learning environment that fosters your individual academic success. The college counselors at our school in Orinda will be there to guide you in preparing for the college learning environment and selecting the school that best fits your needs. To discuss admissions to our prep school, call (925) 478-4504.

You've Been Accepted to College: Now What?

As you worked your way through the grade levels at your college prep school, you likely gave a lot of thought to where you might like to attend college. Most preparatory school students apply to multiple schools. After you receive acceptance letters from two or more schools, it’s time to narrow down your choices further.

When you watch this video, you’ll learn why it’s advisable to spend more time on college campuses even after you think you know where you’d like to go to school. Look beyond the campus tour; attend classes as a guest, interact with current students, and visit the dining hall. You’ll get a sense of whether the campus would be a good fit for you.

At Orinda Academy, you’ll find a continuum of one-on-one student support services designed to help each child succeed, including college counselors. Call our prep school at (925) 478-4504 to find out about upcoming admissions events in Orinda.

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