Orinda Academy is a Co-Ed, College Preparatory, Independent School for Students in Grades 8-12, and has a Convenient East Bay Location.

What Exactly Does It Mean to Have a College Prep Curriculum?

Prep school gives students a place to develop academically and intellectually while planning and preparing for their future. If you are considering enrolling your student in a college prep school program to help them boost their studies and get into the college that they want, you may be wondering what a college prep curriculum includes.

Academic Coaching

For students to reach their full potential, it’s vital that they get support in all areas that affect their studies. A college prep curriculum should include thorough academic and organizational coaching to ensure that your student develops the skills that they need to succeed and gets the support that they need to make beneficial educational decisions.

General Education

College prep school curriculum includes a range of general studies courses such as English to improve literature and writing skills, and a variety of math and science classes. Other areas of focus include social studies, foreign languages, and technology.

Arts Education

Depending on your child’s interests, their college prep curriculum may include courses in the arts. Some college prep schools offer classes in drama, art, dance, band, guitar, and digital music production. To prepare for continuing studies in these areas, students will practice technique while learning theory from experienced instructors.

Summer School

To make up for missed studies or to jump ahead academically, your student may be interested in taking summer courses. Summer school also gives your child a chance to explore new areas of study that they might be interested in, or to get a deeper understanding of particular subjects. Most schools will offer summer courses in mathematics, English, and foreign languages.

Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that offers a college prep curriculum in a small classroom setting that allows our instructors to cater to each student’s learning style. If you are looking for college prep help in the San Francisco East Bay area, call us today at (925) 478-4504 to learn about our academic programs.

A Parent's Guide to Learning Styles

It’s common for parents to assume that their child will learn in the same way that they do, but this only happens sometimes. Everyone has a learning style, and it’s not uncommon for siblings and parents to learn differently from one another. If you are considering college prep school for your child, you may be curious about how their learning style affects their studies.


Some children study best when they have complete quiet while others prefer background noises such as nature sounds or music. For those that prefer sound, some will even sing to themselves in addition to music or other noise to fill their surroundings with sound and thereby think better. Temperature can have a significant impact on how comfortable your child is and affect his ability to concentrate, and while some students work well sitting in a chair at a desk, others study better when lounging on the floor or lying on their bed.


Many people already know if they are a morning, afternoon, or evening person. Peak hours for energy and concentration can vary a lot between individuals, and your child may not feel alert enough to begin studying until late afternoon while others students will study best early in the morning. You may be frustrated if your child can’t seem to stay still for very long while studying, but for some individuals, it’s necessary to move now and then to be able to focus.

Learning Styles

It’s common for people to prefer one form of sensory input for learning over others. Some children prefer hearing or listening, and others need to be moving or using their hands to engage in complex reasoning. Children’s visual and auditory skills develop as they age, but some people will remain primarily tactual learners into adulthood.

If you are a parent whose child is bright but learns differently from others, Orinda Academy can cater to a broad range of learning styles and can help ensure your student’s academic success.

Call us today at (925) 478-4504 to learn about our college prep school curriculum.

Common Questions in College Admission Interviews

Most college prep school students will face at least one interview as part of the admissions process. It may be conducted by an admissions counselor, a scholarship committee, or a faculty member. Watch this video for some tips on preparing for your interview questions.

You should be prepared to talk about yourself and your interests, as well as your objectives after college. Be ready to give a potential career choice or two and some personal goals such as traveling or learning a language. Remember to read the school’s mission statement and be prepared to explain why you will be a good fit for their school both socially and academically.

Orinda Academy is a unique private school in San Francisco’s East Bay that specializes in college prep help for grades 8-12. Call us today at (925) 478-4504 to learn more about our programs.

How to Get Motivated for Summer School

Summer school at Orinda Academy provides an excellent opportunity to make up classes, reinforce academic skills and continuity, prepare for high school and college requirements, and become involved in enriching curriculum and activities.

In summer school students can make up classes for better grades. This can be done with a focused and intensive study of one class where a student can often get more personal attention in a smaller class. In addition, most colleges will count only the higher grade when a course is repeated, and the student’s GPA is improved. Consequently, not only do students earn a higher grade, but they also improve important skills that can serve as prerequisites for higher-level courses, and improve skills for SAT tests and college. Students benefit especially from taking math classes in the summer because they require a substantial amount of individual help. We will offer algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 this summer. Students with learning style differences or low basic skill levels often can boost those skills and maintain continuity by taking summer school at OA.

Summer school keeps your mind sharp and focused over the summer months. To keep yourself motivated, it’s important to remember that you are studying over the summer to achieve better academics and be prepared for college, where you will pursue an education and a career in something you are passionate about or enjoy.

One of the best ways to stay on-task during your summer prep school studies is to get organized. Schedule your study time and decide how much work you will finish before meeting up with friends or watching TV. Also, try posting inspirational words or pictures around your desk or on your desktop background to remind you why you want to do well in school.

Orinda Academy is a private college prep school that provides a unique and comfortable learning environment for students who are bright and creative but may learn differently than other others. To help your student achieve academic success, call us today at (925) 478-4504.

Exploring the Technology Curriculum at Orinda Academy

College Prep School Orinda

Orinda Academy offers a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students in the San Francisco East Bay area. We firmly believe in fostering academic success for our students by nurturing their academic ambitions, and by offering a challenging and relevant curriculum. Because we are living in the digital age, our prep school fully supports the use of technology in the classroom to assist students in meeting their goals for academic progress.

Our private college prep school features wireless Internet access throughout our entire campus, which gives our student body the opportunity to interact with their teachers beyond the classroom. This, plus our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, facilitates students’ collaborative efforts with other students and allows students to showcase their work to their peers.

Our emphasis on promoting the academic success of students in Orinda through one-on-one student support and seamlessly integrated technology are some of the features that set Orinda Academy apart. Parents are invited to direct questions about our curriculum to (925) 478-4504.

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