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    Orinda Academy has not upgraded our computer infrastructure for about 15 years.  We are faced with bandwidth and connectivity problems due to a small bandwidth capacity and copper wires.  With about 100 users and all staff and students using laptops and desktops we urgently need upgraded bandwidth.  Our research has shown that our best option is to get Comcast fibre optic cable into the school.  However, Comcast is not available to us currently.  Comcast says they must dig trenches across the street to bring cable into our building.  This will cost around $16,000.00.  This is a substantial amount of money that is not in this years budget.  Therefore, we are starting our Annual Fund Drive early to support this important and immediate need.  Please help us out with a contribution to  Thank you in advance for your support.

    How Are College Admissions Decisions Made?

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    College admissions personnel base their decisions upon a number of factors. However, you might be surprised to learn that grades are often not the deciding factor. Although a student’s academic achievements are indeed important, college admissions experts look for ways in which a student stands out from the crowd. For example, does the student excel in sports or music in addition to academics? Does the student display remarkable achievement despite challenging circumstances, such as a learning difference?

    You can hear more about college admissions decisions by watching this video. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a college admissions team as they sort through candidates, discuss their qualifications, and vote on admissions.


    Orinda Academy is a college preparatory school that helps students find the inner confidence they need to excel, academically and otherwise. Families in the East Bay area can contact our private school at (925) 357-9719.

    ADHD - Fact or Fiction? - A Local Discussion

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Come to the Orinda Library to hear a local talk about ADHD by one of our alumni parents. Richard Scheffler is a well known economist, author, and UC berkeley professor. His son was a dramatic success story at Orinda Academy, and recently from Grinell College. Zach initially struggled mightily with ADHD, but became an outstanding graduate in 2009. Richard, and another UC professor, Stephen Henshaw, will be talking about their new book The ADHD Explosion. Head to the website to RSVP.

    Get to Know Orinda Academy's Academic Program

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Orinda Academy is an independent college preparatory school that strives to empower students to reach their academic and personal goals. Our highly-qualified educators adhere to a rigorous college prep curriculum that helps students realize they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. Our high school students also receive personalized, one-on-one instruction to accommodate various learning styles while working through our academic program. Here is a closer look at what we provide:

    College Preparatory Curriculum

    Our private school requires high school students to complete a certain amount of core curriculum classes, including three years of mathematics and two years of science. Our college track math program includes geometry, algebra, algebra 2, pre-calculus, and calculus. Our science program is designed to prepare students for college-level science classes and takes advantage of local resources in the East Bay area, such as museums and natural resources laboratories. High school students also complete four years of English. Our English teachers seek to instill a love of reading and composition in students. Additionally, students complete one year of U.S. history, one year of civics and economics, one year of an additional social science.

    Enrichment Opportunities

    Our college prep curriculum recognizes that a true learning experience extends beyond books and chalkboards. We offer our high school students a number of enrichment opportunities, including fine arts education and performing arts opportunities. Our arts education promotes creativity and self-confidence. Students can choose from a variety of subjects, such as stage band, guitar, drama, digital music production, and multimedia.

    Educational Adventures

    Our private high school encourages students to develop a sense of global citizenship and an abiding appreciation for other cultures. High school students have the opportunity to participate in our Educational Adventures program, which involves trips to destinations such as Japan, Yosemite, Turkey, and the Galapagos Islands. We also offer local day trips to educational destinations.

    For a closer look at our college preparatory curriculum, Orinda Academy invites future students and their families to visit our website. You can also call our admissions staff at (925) 357-9719 for more information about enrollment this upcoming school year. Families in the East Bay area who are considering applying to our college prep school are encouraged to schedule a visit to our beautiful campus.

    Fall Openings at Orinda Academy

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    Orinda Academy has a limited number of openings for the fall 2014-2015 school year.  Orinda Academy is a private school that provides structure, support, and success for grades 8-12.  We are a college prep, coed school that is fully accredited and we have a UC approved course list.  OA can make accommodations for students with different learning styles with small classes and personal attention.  We provide a rich, diverse curriculum for a diverse population.  This includes art, drama, dance, music, sports, sign language, cooking, and our week long Educational Adventures week, which involves local and international travel, community service, theater, photography, sailing, and much more.  Contact 925-254-7553 x305 or for more information, or an individual appointment.  School begins August 25th.  

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